Why no update? Because...

16 gb Micro SDHC card works well on ASUS EEE NOTE.
I bought one and checked.


Why there is a delay in my blog?

2 reasons.

1) I'm busy... sleep only 4~5hrs a day. :(

2) Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:<TSD> Eee Family EA-800
Between I and ASUS support center in Taiwan. 

a ) ENGLISH firmware :

If you buy EEE NOTE by airmail from Taiwan,
You cannot change ROM from Chinese to English until you send your EEE NOTE to ASUS support center.

(It is the answer from ASUS support center, but, yes, I see that review changing ROM by himself.)

 Do not Buy EEE NOTE with Chinese until ASUS launches English version of EEE NOTE in your country.


I've maked Adobe ID and activated on EEE NOTE setting. But it does not work.


There is no EEE NOTE on the list.
my Question is
"Is Eee Note officially support Adobe DRM?
If yes, why the activation on EEE NOTE does not work?"
If yes, why Adobe Digital Edition(a program to view ePub eBooks, by Adobe) does not
support EEE NOTE?
If yes, why there is no EEE NOTE on the list of Official Adobe site?"

 And I'm waiting the answer from ASUS a week.
Still no answer.

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.

Well, I will confirm these questions with the relevant personnel, if I have a reply, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

ASUS Customer Service

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  1. You can change language, See my new post, and follow the link.
    Sync program -> back up ->
    explorer -> c:\?\backup folder\setting\sys.config
    edit(notepad) language "tc" -> "en"
    sync program -> restore
    EEE NOTE -> still chinese? -> setting -> factory restore -> reboot
    sync program -> restore

    :) :)