Meeting the EEE NOTE.

ASUS support center told me, "We have no plan to launch 'EEE NOTE' in Korea."

So, I purchase it from Taiwan. What a small world! I received it 3 days ago.

Still I am a newbie with E-book Readers and Tablets, but I can help you what you are eager to know.
Cause I have ONE on my hand. :)
+ I have Wacom tablet laptop. Not that much newbie.

First impression?

If You are a hard note-taker, it is a COOL stuff for you.
I'm pretty sure, those who make or develope EEE NOTE are hand-writing-holics.
(or those who had been studied so- hard in the college.)
It is THE Digital Note just what I have been dreamed.

- - - - -
These are for people who eager to know inside, not outside. All done only by EEE NOTE.

Reply me for next post. cya.

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  1. Amazing!! You can write such a small word. This is what I want to see. How about the response time? When you write those kinds of small note, are there any delay?
    I heard that eee note only can save notes in png or gif format. Is that correct? How about printing out your note? Suppose you have 10 pages of note, you need to open those 10 pages independently on PC and send to printer one by one? Or you can use evernote to merge them into one file and just send that file to printer?

  2. Hello, Richard. There is almost no delay.
    Response as you write. No worry about that.
    Those small writing is my habbit. Not like MSonenote,there is no correction process in EEEnote. Rough.

    Save note capture as JPG file(to evernote, same), Save PDF annotation Capture as PNG file. It has own note(annotation)format, but there is no bundle program handling on PC. I've not tried to handle them on PC.

    Free account evernote, accept only 5-6 pages note. A note(ex; containing 5-6 pages) stick together to evernote as A note. Sadly it cannot sync(overwrite) older note. Just upload the note as a new note. All notes from EEENOTE saved in "from 'Eee Note'(which can be renamed in setting on EEENOTE.)" folder in evernote.

    I'm on exam(?) season now(student). I can say what I've done. But I can't test a request right now. I've not yet printed my notes. But soon I HAVE TO.

    thx 4 visit. CYA.

  3. Thanks for your answers. Your demonstration really helps. Can you send me one page of your example note I like to see its resolution after I print it out if that is ok for you?

    Good luck with your exam!!

  4. On the first image you have written "No cut, copy or paste". I don't want to believe it, but is it true?? So you can't highlight some handwriting and paste it in another page or in a different note??

  5. those images are from Evernote. and I find out that those are gif, not jpg. Sorry.

  6. dear Amr Bekhit

    Hard to believe but that is true.
    There is no cut, copy & paste in EEE NOTE.
    EEE NOTE can take screen capture by clicking one button in any mode.

    You capture screen which u did handwriting, then insert with cropping & resizing as an image in note. (It's not like windows based ink tools, just an image.)

    the 2nd note(with templates) in this post was done by this way.
    Not that fast but useful.

  7. Hi:
    Great stuff! I also live in Korea and I want to buy one. Where did you buy it from?

  8. After uprgrade using sync tool, you'll have copy and paste abilities in notes ;-)