I changed Language! 'English' ! Thanks pbarrette.

Thanks a lot pbarrette !

You are my hero.

I changed my EEE NOTE language.

Chinese to English.

Tips from pbarrette


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  1. hi, Where did you buy the device from? Also is the Contrast really as good as eink ? Viewing angles etc..... Thanks. I'm in Texas USA

  2. yes. the contrast is good. for me better than Eink device. but. you have to think this. it has wacom digitizer. it means it has thick(1mm or more) protection glass over back-lit-less lcd. so if u dont understand what i mean go and see and compare tablet note book v. normal notebook. it feels pretty differ.


    I buy this from taiwan, air mail. famous, trustable online pc device company. (but not that cheap.)