Secret of EEE NOTE

There is 5 mode to connect EEE NOTE to PC. (windows 7 for me)

1) Virtual usb CD drive including Sync Program & Drivers.
(there is no installing CD or USB in the box, and It installs Wacom driver. See bottom of this page.)

2) Sync Mode. EEE Sync pops up.

3) Micro SD card drive mode. but i dont have one. haha.

4) See bottom

5) charge mode.

1) All I can see is virtual CD drive. I cannot go inside of built-in flash drive.

2) Adobe Digital Edition cannot find EEE NOTE YET or FOREVER. I mailed ASUS support center.
(I can put it manually by sync program, but ADOBE DRM makes me cannot read it.)

+ My Adobe account can be authorized  in setup menu on EEE NOTE by wifi,
but ... still cannot read my book. ASUS will answer me within 2 days.

- - - -

yes, last one.

the secret.

EEE NOTE works as WACOM BAMBOO TABLET in MODE 4 - only for Windows users.)
(sorry to say not like CINTIQ)

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  1. My problems is my EeeNote cant connect to wifi...wat can i do?